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Since February 2020, the formerly nationwide active counselling centre OFEK e.Voffers extended consulting services in Berlin. OFEK Berlin advises those affected in the course of anti-Semitic attacks and also offers schools, clubs, associations, day-care centers and authorities the necessary specialist advice after incidents.  

Advising young people and families on anti-Semitic violence and discrimination in school is an important focus of our work. We advise in German, Hebrew, Russian and English confidentially and free of charge. Due to the current situation, personal consultations are not possible. The consultation takes place over the phone and / or digitally. 

The project is funded by the State of Berlin within the state programme against right-wing extremism, racism and antisemitism. 

Who can reach out to us?

We advise individuals, their families and relatives as well as witnesses on anti-Semitic violence and discrimination in school, during studies, at work, in the neighborhood, in their personal environment, on the Internet or in authorities. Advising young people, families and students in the course of incidents at school or during their studies is an important focus of our work. In addition, we also offer institutions such as communities, schools or associations professional advice after incidents.  

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