What else do we do?


The Competence Centre for Prevention and Empowerment is an institute for research and education based in Berlin and nationally oriented. The Competence Centre develops educational programs and projects, advises and qualifies specialists and executives as well as multipliers in education, in civil society, administration and politics regarding the prevention of antisemitism and discrimination, carries out research projects, organizes conferences and symposiums. Since January 2020, the Competence Centre, which is carried by the ZWST, is a member of the "Kompetenznetzwerk Antisemitismus", funded by the federal program "Demokratie Leben!" and the BMFSFJ.

For a long time antisemitism was considered to have been overcome. In the education system Anti-Semitism poses a particular challenge. The workshop “What to do in the event of antisemitic incidents?” is aimed at teachers, educational mediators and other interested parties who want to reflect on, discuss and develop their perception of and ways of dealing with antisemitism. Central challenges are considered and practical intervention strategies are shown using concrete case work. The focus is on the experiences and perspectives of those affected as well as tried and tested intervention strategies. The workshop is a cooperation with the Competence Centre for Prevention and Empowerment