What is OFEK?

The increasing number of antisemitic violence and discrimination has resulted in the growing need for strengthening counselling, which specializes in antisemitism. The OFEK counselling centre has been responding to these needs since 2017. In 2019 OFEK was registered as an association based in Berlin and active nationwide. OFEK has a nationwide reach through individual case-specific counselling, group counselling, a nationwide hotline and new regional locations and projects in Berlin, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg.

Who can reach out to us?

We offer counselling for individuals, families, relatives and witnesses after antisemitic incidents (e.g. at school, kindergarten, in the community or neighbourhood, in social situations, in dealing with authorities…)

What do we offer?

A main focus of our work is the counselling of youth and families after school incidents. Also, the case-specific counselling of teachers, school administrations and educational psychology services are another main focus of our work.

Our counselling is available in German, Hebrew, Russian. or English.

How do we work?

Other measures

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